2024 Stage Performers Line-Up

Flatland Fiddlers

Flatland Fiddlers is a group of Regina youth who play fiddle, and cello that connects with our souls. They are instructed through the Flatland Fiddler Studio and their instructor/owner Emily Dubois. Flatland Fiddlers recently played at the Metis and Scottish pavilions during Mosaic and we are so happy to have them on our stage.

Welcome Charlotte, Rachel, Simon, Gus, Cora, Isaac and Emily.

12:00pm & 2:00pm

Rhonda is a child of the Canadian prairie. Born in Moose-Jaw and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, she grew up enchanted by the open vistas that spread out around her. Rhonda learned at an early age that hearing the song of the seasons and observing the subtleties of nature can provide peace in a world that often seems unable to catch its breath. These early influences would plant creative seeds that would be nurtured over the coming years, grow and find their way into her music.

This singer songwriter accompanies herself on piano. Her melodies have staying power and she delivers her lyrics with a richness and passion.

Winsome Kind
1:00pm & 3:00pm

Winners of the 2 EmPower Positive Music Awards, Winsome Kind are back on Mid Summer’s Festival stage.

Scott Perrie and Leora Joy Perrie, the talented Canadian folk/pop husband & wife duo Winsome Kind, are noted for their wonderful songwriting and smooth harmonies. Such a treat to experience. 

This is music straight from their hearts, authentic and full-bodied. Empowered music for the weary, for the strong, for the lovers, for families, and for the ones forging a new path. Music to shine light through the darkness. Music for everyone.

2024 Workshops at MSAF

Beading with Tracey GeorgeHeese 

1 hour workshop & includes “Beading Kit” to create your own beaded earrings or beaded pin

Registration Payment e-transfer to: timeless.shadows@hotmail.com

You will receive: beads, needles, beading thread, beading backing, pelon, earrings and hooks or pins

Your choice of: beading templates, bead colour choice, one pair of gem or beading cabs, rhinestone banding

Mini Cradleboard Workshop with Sharon Meyer

2 hours workshop

Indigenous people have used cradleboards to keep babies protected physically and spiritually. Cradleboards were used to swaddle.

Must Pre-book and pre-pay by texting Sharon at 1.306.401.7848

2024 Stage Performers Line-Up
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